The ebook contains over 40 quick, simple and delicious recipes for everyone. You will find both: main courses and desserts in it. Additionally, you can learn how to prepare a home-made confectionery sleeve. All for the price of two coffees or one piece of cake in a cafe.



EBOOK ‘VEGAN RECIPES 15 MINUTES’- quick vegan recipes

The book was written for those who don’t have a lot of free time or who simply don’t like to stay in the kitchen for a long time, but who like to eat well. You will find more than 40 vegan diet recipes in it. 

What exactly does the e-book contain? 

  • Over 40 quick vegan recipes for main courses, desserts, breakfasts and appetizers. 
  • Tips for spending less time in the kitchen while making your meals. 
  • Instructions for creating a home confectionery sleeve. 
  • Almost 100 pages of quick cooking knowledge and leads. 

The ebook with fast and simple vegan recipes in 15 minutes is for: 

  • people who like tasty meals, 
  • vegans, vegetarians, people limiting meat consumption, 
  • people who don’t like to stand in the kitchen for a long time or don’t have time for it, 
  • people who are interested in vegetable cooking, 
  • lovers of discovering new tastes and the best recipes. 

If any of these points suit you, you will surely be satisfied with your purchase. 

We are convinced that our ebook will help you save time spent in the kitchen.